Donegal Presbyterian Church 

What Is The Next Decade Team? 

The Session of Donegal Presbyterian Church has the responsibility "to lead the congregation continually to discover what God is doing in the world and plan for change, renewal, and reformation under the Word of God." (Book of Order, section G-10.0102j.)

The Session of Donegal Presbyterian Church, at its June 17, 2010 meeting, commissioned a team to be called "The Next Decade Team" with responsibilities of conducting a planning process with the church. The Session formed a separate team for the planning process, so that the governance of the church could continue. A specifically designated planning team had freedom to study and analyze, without worrying about day-to-day church matters. Upon adopting the report, the Session accepted responsibility for implementation of recommendations made by the Team.


  To the Session and members of the Congregation of Donegal Presbyterian Church:

        We hereby submit the report of the Next Decade Team for your review and action as appropriate...  We stand ready to answer any questions and look forward as individuals to help accomplish the recommendations.

The Next Decade Team

Linda Campbell              Steve Douple

Tina Enck                       Norene Fessler

Sally Harvey                   Greg Musser



A.  Communication ideas


*21st-century communication

    - expand church website to include

            > a “draw” to DPC - why would someone want to visit?

    - Add e-mail addresses to directory and create e-mail group

    - recruit younger members to assist with ideas and development

    -develop updated list and publish page for church directory listing contacts within church.


*expanded communication methods

    - increase DPC's visibility in the community by exploring an increased web search / result profile.


*strengthen Deacon communication with the church by

- establishing a procedure for the Deacons to determine who is ”missing“ and appropriate actions to take and adding it to the monthly Deacon’s meeting agenda.

    - reviewing protocol for Deacon visits

-educating congregation on communicating concerns (personal and of others) to Deacons

    -“meet your Deacon” time during fellowship time early in the year


*developing a more positive, respectful, and inclusive atmosphere for group discussions (meetings, committees, and classes) so that all opinions are heard.


B.  Church activities/life


*Develop Bible study programs

 - Identify and train potential leaders during summer for leadership roles beginning in September

 - Approximately 3 to 4 leaders who will set their own schedule/reading time


        *Schedule Sunday night gatherings: schedule a minimum of six evening activities from September through June

                - Kickoff picnic

                - Harvest Day prep

                - Game night

                - Movie night

                - Lenten series / pancake supper (Fat Tuesday)

                Need sign-ups, Witness, bulletins


        *Combine services-plan for five services for the liturgical year at 11 AM

                January – have the Congregation meeting after the service. (suggest members bring snack food for a “pot luck”)

Palm Sunday

               Late spring

                September (all people gathered back – have church picnic after service)

                Christmas day


        *Request the Deacons re-establish the Transportation Team.


        *Establish a new “Church Life” team; the team should

                - Survey congregation for hobbies/interests – Witness, online

                - advertise to set up 3 to 4 per year

                - day trips - bus trips (historical sites, city tours, etc.)  based on interest

-Identify and develop a local mission project(s) that will also include youth participation.


C.  Youth


*expand age range of CWW to 4 to 10-year-olds.


*Form a youth leadership team to include youth members to develop and facilitate youth activities with each other and with God.

-Ask for church members to donate portable basketball hoop, basketballs, and soccer balls so kids can play outside

-youth lounge stocked with games and snacks (donations accepted)

-seasonal assistance/outreach projects for youth

-field trips and activities


D. Finances


Although there are no specific recommendations related to Finance, the data received from the congregation show a continuing concern in this area.  It is recommended that the Session continue to focus efforts in this area.