Visiting Companions

The Visiting Companions program is an outreach program of Donegal Presbyterian Church.  The concept is to provide the opportunity for members of the church community to visit others of our community who would like some company in their day.

Anyone in the Donegal Church community can be a Visiting Companion.  A person who wishes to be a Visiting Companion will sign up with the Donegal Outreach Team and be paired with another Visiting Companion.  The two companions will then contact the person wishing to have a visit, set up an agreeable time, and go and visit.  There are no other obligations in the program.

A person wishing to receive a Visiting Companion can contact the church office, the Pastor, or their Deacon.

If you have questions about the Visiting Companions program, please feel free to contact Dawn Bourassa or any other member of the Donegal Outreach Team.