Donegal Presbyterian Church

Vision Statement

Donegal Presbyterian Church is a body of believers

guided by the Holy Spirit, committed to teaching

and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

with a growing and changing community,

believing that, with God, all things are possible.

We will become a more faithful, effective, and dynamic church community by:

  • strengthening our belief in the power of prayer
  • sharing the Good News with the community, bringing all closer to Christ
  • assisting those in need both materially and spiritually
  • planting and nurturing seeds of faith by sharing the love of Jesus with children and their families
  • inviting, without judgment, all who are seeking wholeness
  • supporting, nurturing, and strengthening individuals and families
  • supporting and nurturing our faith journeys
  • fostering an environment strong in God's love to prepare and support all generations dealing with new life experiences
  • involving the church in the active life of the young adults