Stewardship Concepts


The New Oxford American Dictionary defines consecrate in this way:  “to make or declare sacred; to dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose.”  It is on this date in Octoberthat we ask you to partake in this sacred action dedication formally dedicating yourself to our church’s ministries and missions for the coming year..

Partaking in the action of consecration helps those who give set a goal to which they can aspire, and it very much helps our Session work out a budget for the coming year.  With the challenges we’ve been facing to make our income meet our budgeted expenses, we are looking for everyone’s help in communicating their intentions for next year.  Our goal is to be able to present as close to a balanced budget as we can for the session’s approval, and ultimately to you at our congregational meeting.

We believe that you are devoted to our church’s ministries and missions.  We pray that you will come to the church on Consecration Sunday, and make your financial commitment as an act of worship.  This means that no one will be calling on you at home about this subject.

The success of our church programming next year depends on the initiative and dedication of each member.   As we think about our stewardship of God’s resources, let us remember some of Paul’s final words to the Thessalonians… “Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (I Thess. 5:18 CEB)


The per capita/apportionment for each member changes each year, but it is requested that each member voluntarily pay it.

To illustrate where the per capita goes, we can share this illustration from 2014. The 2018 numbers are, naturally, higher.
General Assembly         $  7.02
Synod                             $  2.20
Presbytery                      $20.24
Total to pay                    $29.46 per member

2018 Per Capita Expense:  ( $34.78 per member)

       By writing a check payable to “Donegal Presbyterian Church” for the per capita amount announced each year, and marked for “per capita”, you enable other funds in our budget to be freed up.  (You have a special envelope for this in your box of giving envelopes!)  Try to do this during the month of January.  In responding to this request, we increase our mission outreach considerably and the entire church budget becomes an even greater force in God’s Kingdom!

       Keep up your faithful work and witness in the name of Jesus Christ!



Stewardship is NOT about fund-raising, or making the budget, or meeting our commitments to a variety of mission funding programs.

An old copy of the Presbyterian Book of Order may be outdated in its review of the rules of our denomination, but its statement on stewardship seems to be timeless:

"Those who follow the discipline of Christian stewardship will find themselves called to lives of simplicity, generosity, honesty, hospitality, compassion, receptivity, and concern for the earth and God's creatures."

The ways in which a Christian believer uses God's gifts of material possessions, personal abilities, and time certainly reflect on his/her faithful response to God's self-giving of Jesus Christ.

To be an active member of this church is to participate in the work and worship of the congregation. This means an equal contribution of your time, talent and rsources is necessary and needed. Being a good steward is knowing how much you can give of yourself with being detrimental to yourself or your family.

It is well known in Presbyterian circles that those who have the least tend to give the most. More people with annual incomes of less than $35,000 will tithe (give 10 percent) from their income than those who make substantially more per year. Some Presbyterian leaders say that the same is true of the way they give their time and talents to the church. This is hard to prove, because we cannot quantify time and talent as easily as running an adding machine tape.

Tithing, an Old Testament concept of fairly sharing your bounty with your community and neighbors, and it is a traditional expression of Christian stewardship. People who tithe do so out of gratitude to God for his grace given to us in Jesus Christ.

The Russian author, Nicholas Berdyaev, wrote: "If I am hungry it is a material problem. If someone else is hungry it is a spiritual problem."

Stewardship does not come naturally; it is a learned behavior. It is a practiced behavior. It is stepping-stone or a building block, towards spiritual wholeness.

We believe that only by sharing of one's self can we become fully open to all the possibilities of spiritual awareness and joy available to the disciples of Jesus Christ.


Gift Card Program - updated as of 2/4/2018
      We all like to be a part of something that is successful, especially when it involves very little effort on our part!  And this is an opportunity for each and every one of us who shop at any of these participating supermarkets  (Giant, Weis, Darrenkamp’s) to help in continuing with this program and make it even more successful.

      We have close to completing our 9th year (March 22 is the anniversary!).  Total gift cards sold since the beginning of the program is over $965,000 and over $44,000 has been paid to the Building/Closing the Gap Fund to pay down the mortgage.

Just a reminder----The Pet Pantry can use these same gift cards to purchase much needed pet food. 

Thank you to all for your support of the program; and don’t forget to help us continue with the success of this program over the summer months.  Arrangements can be made to get cards to you during the week should you not be in church on Sunday to purchase the cards----contact Althea Johnson at 367-5101.