Join Our Choir!

The Senior Choir performs at the 9 AM traditional worship service on most Sundays between Labor Day and the 4th of July. On Palm Sunday we ARE the sermon, presenting a special cantata as part of the worship service.  One service on Easter and one on Christmas. We rehearse every Wednesday from September to June at 7:30 PM. The Sweet Inspirations perform at the Back Door Church worship services on all Sundays throughout the year.We rehearse every Wednesday from September to June at 6:30 PM. Consider being a part of the choir and joining your voice in song and praise.  Auditions are not required!  We've got a choir robe that will fit you. We can teach you the basics of group choral music, if you can hold a tune, and are willing to make a joyful noise unto the Lord! If you have any questions, please talk to any member of the Choir, or our Director of Music, Steve Sturgis.

Join the Choir for Advent and Christmas!

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to try singing in the choir, but are not sure it’s for you, join us on a trial basis!  We can use more singers for the Advent and Christmas season.  For four rehearsals, you can sing on four Sundays in Advent and the Christmas Eve services.  It’s a chance to try something new.  Rehearsals are Wednesday nights starting at 7:30 PM;  we’re usually done by 9 PM.  Questions?  See Steve Sturgis or any other choir member.












Revised 05/14



1. Plans, coordinates and reports the church music program to the Pastor, Worship Team, and the Session. Provides a year-end written report for the Annual Congregational Meeting.
2. Communicates any problems, needs, or requests to the Pastor.
3. Attends all Worship Team meetings, keeping them well informed on all activities.
4. Communicates information concerning the anthems, introit, and responses to the church office by Wednesday morning of every week for inclusion in the church bulletin. Selection of this music will be accomplished in keeping with the sermon topics provided by the pastor.
5. Arranges for summer vacation music and other special music in cooperation with the Pastor.
6. Assures that the choir gowns are clean, repaired or replaced; other church properties in the Music Department are being maintained.
7. Selects and purchases music using an awareness of our Presbyterian Church Calendar and in consultation with the Pastor.
8. Catalogues and files all church music in the Donegal Church Music Library.
9. Provides the Worship Team with a budget for the Music Department in the fall of each year, including new music, special soloists, and other related needs. The Director of Music will be responsible for staying within the established budget.
10. Regularly encourages persons to join the music program.
11. Trains the choir for vocal technique and blend during regular rehearsals. Rehearsals shall be held on a regular schedule at a time and duration as set by the Director of Music within the approval of the Session.
12. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Pastor.
13. Develops appropriate music programs for children and youth choirs.


1. Will be July & August with pay. (12 month pay period).


1. Dedication to Jesus Christ and to the leadership of the congregation in the glorification of God through music.
2. A degree in music is preferable, though not required; a minimum of two years of choral directing is desired.
3. Ability to work well with people.
4. Familiarity with classical and contemporary music.