The good news about Presbyterians and their stewardship of time, talent and treasure is that when authentic mission needs are presented, many respond generously.

But we also believe that it is important to be business-like in our annual budgeting process.

Thus we ask our members to completing an annual "Esitmate of Giving" card, to help us perpare for the upcoming year. This is NOT a pledge, and you will not be billed for any unpaid balance. It is merely a tool for our Session leaders to use to prepare financial reports that take into consideration the annual budget and weekly cash flow, so we can meet our fiscal obligations.

The Session and the members of the church do not know how much individuals give, or even how much they estimate. These estimates only go to the Church Treasurer and the Church Secretary, and the information is held confidential. The total amount estimated is used to set the annual budget for operations and mission.


*Weekly Offering
Deacons’ Fund
Initial Offering Envelope

Capital Campaign - directed to mortgage payments and growth of the church
Per Capita - pays the per capital assessment from General Assembly
Souper Bowl
Church World Service Blanket Program (PW)
One Great Hour of Sharing
Birthday Offering (PW)
Least Coin (PW)
Lancaster Shelter for Domestic Violence (PW)
New Garments Always
Crop Walk
Thank Offering Collection(PW)
Peacemaking Offering
Monthly collection for a local food bank
Food for Fellowship Time
Baked Goods for Harvest Day
Meals to families who have been hospitalized
Memorial Luncheon
Christmas Shoe Boxes (Samaritan’s Purse)
Christmas gifts to needy families
Christmas Joy Offering
Christmas Eve Collection
Mission Pledge for Presbyterian Women (PW)

Fundraisers where members contribute:
Mission Tour- several annual events
Acorns Baseball Team
Harvest Day
PW Fundraisers

*From our church budget, we are committed to support the General Assembly Mission,
Synod of the Trinity Mission, and Presbytery of Donegal Mission.