Today we are fortunate to enjoy the fruits of our founders’ labors. Through their vision, may we have the foresight to continue in stewardship to God… stewardship that secures a strong foundation for those who follow us. With strong commitment and a sense of purpose, we are building on their legacy.

We have engaged in multiple phases of a Capital campaign to help pay the mortgage on the expanded Fellowship Hall that we now enjoy. Another campaign is imminent because the mortgage debt is substantial.

As of July 27th, 2012, however, Capital Campaign III has ended, and the Session has decided NOT to seek professional guidance for another campaign, at the cost of $15,000 for the process, opting to continue discussion on a local level, for now.

Until our next Capital campaign gets underday, we are asking all members and friends to consider continuing to give to reduce the church's mortgage at the current level that you have been for the last campaign.

New envelopes will be available in the church narthex to direct your gifts to the proper fund. envelope

We understand that there are financial challenges for all members of the church and that some are having especially difficult times. Our prayers are with you. We only ask that all prayerfully consider their financial circumstances and give as you have been blessed.

For information on our previous campaigns, see the Brochure Rack at the bottom of this page.

Other Ways to Help

Memorial Gifts
Gifts to honor individuals and families are always welcome. Just indicate with your check the exact name(s) of the individual(s) you wish to honor.

Matching Gifts
Don’t forget that your employer may offer matching contribution programs.

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