July 8 - July 15, 2018

The annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for Mission Tour will be held this year on Friday, March 2, from 5-7 p.m.  This helps defray the costs of transportation, material and food expenses incurred by the members of our Mission Tour Team.
We hope our Mission Tour Team can count on you to support and possibly volunteer for mission tour or help the day before the Spaghetti Dinner to help set up the Fellowship Hall or that evening to prepare food; serve our guests; or supply other needed items for this event.

Volunteer sign-up sheets will also be placed in the Communication Center and on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
We hope we can count on your support to enable the Mission Tour Team.  Thank you all for your time and consideration.

If you're interested in going on the trip, have questions, would like to invite a friend to go with you, or just want to learn more about Mission Tour, please contact David Labagh at or 717-471-6027.

St. Lawrence County, NY in the upper Adirondak Mountains

Our Mission Tour is a program of rural rehabilitation and spiritual support for those in need. Working on sub-standard housing, the tasks are designed to allow all crew members to use their talents and willingness to learn new skills to physically assist those in need. As we repair and replace siding on homes and skirting around trailers, paint and tar roofs, replace plumbing and rebuild safety features on stairs and ramps, we also minister to the emotional need of inclusion and being cared for, and find that we are ministering to each other and ourselves, as well. All who participate agree that they get much more from the experience than they give. The week-long program includes daily Bible Study and discussion, personal journaling, and a strenuous mountain hike. We stay at the Crary Mills Presbyterian Church during the work week, and at various locations on the weekend. We raise funds throughout the year to pay for food and fuel, and during a worship service in October each year, we share with the congregation what we have learned .

It isn't possible for everyone to go on the trip, but every Church member can participate by supporting our fund-raisers or making a direct gift to the church, designated for the MISSION TOUR PROGRAM.

A Few Scenes from the 2014 Mission Tour

The following link will take you to the 2014 Mission Tour Summary Video and slide show, brought to you by the creative mind of David Labagh. The rest of the Mission Tour 2014 Crew denies having any part in it, and any resemblance to persons living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

Your 2014 Mission In The North Country Crew was: 

Mission Tour 2014 Crew
Brian, Dawn & Cole Bourassa
Norene Fessler
Mitch, Beth, Anna & Elise Forry
Tom andn David Labagh
Kirk & Michelle Luther
Frances Mateer
Tom McKinnon
Greg, Jodi, Maddie & Emma Musser
Lucas Rodgers
Scot Harlacher

 Please support them with your donations and prayers!